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Hey there friend and welcome to my incredibly dumb blog. I am a video game fanatic, lover of cute things, and professional complainer.I swear a lot so consider this your warning.

This is a personal blog so I'll post whatever the hell I feel like. I won't be afraid to post political opinions or really dumb memes. I don't bite though so if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here. (Also my mane is super soft.)

I love posting pictures of my dumb banana leopard gecko, mostly because he's extremely photogenic and adorable as heck.

Come for the lizard, stay because you forgot to unfollow me. <3



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love bird has a wash (source)



I’ve seen lots and lots of confessions about how people have been left terrified, sad, or experiencing some emotion when they’re playing Skyrim, but that only unsettles me because I’m pretty sure that, in many of those situations, I haven’t felt a damn thing. Maybe it’s just that I can’t stop thinking it’s a game long enough to truly stop, think, and care about the characters.”


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Well, I was tagged! So here we go~ six selfies! I taaaaag… Everyone! Have fun and pick selfies that make you feel like you could conquer the world~~

Perfection ~!



I’ve been playing cat simulator lately and it’s pretty fun




my biggest disappointment in life is that i will probably never kiss someone wearing a full suit of armour 

not with that attitude



"video games make people aggressive" let me tell you something i know a lot of people who play video games and i dont think they leave their houses



bold text in lowercase kinda feels like when a parent is really steamed but they’re talking in a low composed tone so you know you’re in the shit now



T H E   S I M S

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